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The Treadmill Doesn’t Work if You Don’t Use It.

How many of you have exercise equipment in the house that has taken on a new role of ‘place to hang clothing?’ I have been guilty in the past of doing that, although if you ask my sister, more often than not I hide it under the bed.
It is easy to find ‘reasons’ why we can’t do something so ask yourself #whynot?
This doesn’t just apply to the treadmill though. We all have knowledge and information we just don’t put to use. It has been proven many times over that mediation and mindfulness are very good for us and help with a myriad of problems, so why don’t we do it? We talk about it.
Are we professional declarers? Perhaps. There is a saying “it is much easier said than done.” I have even said it myself, but, I am not so sure about that. Is it so hard to stop for a minute and take a few deep breathes? We already know how to breathe. We know how to stop. We seem to talk endlessly about what we know we need to do but don’t.
We have information at our fingertips. We can hire nutritionists, health coaches, personal trainers etc if we chose to do, but we don’t. Are we so lacking in self esteem that we feel as if we don’t deserve to do something good for ourselves? Do we create reasons why something won’t work?
What if you decided one day that you really wanted something? Would you find a way to get there, get it? Would you just talk about it as if it were a ‘pipe’ dream? What would happen if you made a decision and stuck to it? What would you lose? What would you gain?
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Susan Hannigan
Susan Hannigan
1 year ago

Thank you, Kristie.

1 year ago

Equipment gets used. Simple reason, if I don’t my Asthma will kill me, or at least run my life. When confronted with the reality of move or succumb . . . you move. I find unless you create stark glaringly scary ass reason, you probably won’t move.

1 year ago

Key word for me=procrastination. I wait until I’m under pressure, about to run out of time, in dire need. Then I’m good.

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