Brotherhood: Training Vlog for 100 Mile Ultra Marathon (Grindstone 100) -10 Weeks Out

This week is a focus on Brotherhood and the three things I think are most important to keeping bonds strong.

As a Special Operations Veteran (3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment ) I’ve been searching for a big goal to aim for. This is the start of my journey!

This week I got 44-50 miles running and hiking. Like and Subscribe to follow with me!

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Susan B
Susan B
2 years ago

No child…black, white, brown, or green, foster or biological, should be sent forward in life believing they are worthless or useless, unwanted or unloved. I’m glad you are taking us on this journey, too, Curtis. It allows us a greater perspective on the distance you have traveled to get to where you are today. It suggests a pathway that others may find to confront their own internal “demons” and thus find an inner peace and worthwhile cause.

2 years ago

“Time and Effort” – the two most important elements of anyone, doing anything that requires preparation and an element of physicality. I now have the backstory for the tape job, lol. Glad you guys had some quality time together and man . . . Alex always with the lazer beam stare. Does he always stare like that? I feel like he saw into my soul.

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