Make it work: Training Vlog for 100 Ultra Marathon (Grindstone 100) -11 Weeks Out

This week I focus on making it work and trying to fit training in a busy schedule with a 9 to 5, rain, heat waves, and everything else that pops up in the week!

As a Special Operations Veteran (3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment ) I’ve been searching for a big goal to aim for.

This is the start of my journey! This week I got 45 miles running and 20 miles on the bike!

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2 years ago

Wayne, you certainly employ your credo of adapt and move forward. Stumbling blocks, work, home, injury etc. are a constant balance when training for these endurance events. You are working around them like a pro. Things of highlight this week. Skateboard, Skunk, Potty Mouth, and of course Baby yells!

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