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Trail Running – Training Vlog for 100 Ultra Marathon (Grindstone 100) -14 Weeks Out

This is my weekly vlog/show on my journey to running my first ultra marathon and beyond. I only have 14 weeks left till the GrindStone 100 Ultra Marathon and have to get MOVING!

As a Special Operations Veteran (3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment ) I’ve been searching for a big goal to aim for.

This week I got 50 miles and got crushed by poor workout programming!

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Susan Hannigan
Susan Hannigan
2 years ago

Keep at it, Wayne!

2 years ago

Those back seat videos comfort me, because I know that drill. Yeah, on the piss bottle, something I learned, always stick it in an odd place, like in a back seat cup holder out of the way, don’t ever mix it in with your water bottles up front that you drink on the way home! Zombie butt, that is a new one, gonna use it. Ditto on the Dirty Birds dropping those foil GEL packs. Some data. I no longer use Gels, switched over to Tailwind, far happier with this product, Gels always tended to give me GI issues, no… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Mason

Oh snap! I’ve been hearing alot about tailwind, I have to give it a shot on payday!

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