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Army Ranger Veteran Training Vlog for 100 Ultra Marathon (Grindstone 100) -15 Weeks Out

This is my weekly vlog/show on my journey to running my first ultra marathon and beyond. I only have 15 weeks left till the GrindStone 100 Ultra Marathon and have to get MOVING!

As a Special Operations Veteran (3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment ) I’ve been searching for a big goal to aim for.

This is the start of my journey! This week I got 67.2 miles and got crushed by my weekly long run. Like and Subscribe to follow with me!

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Wayne Capacillo is a video producer who served with 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, as a Fire Team Leader with 4 combat deployments. He achieved a Masters of Science in Marketing, Bachelors of Arts in Business Management, and a top score on the local pub’s Galaga machine. Growing up in Montana he has formed a deep passion for the outdoors, flannel, and rusty 1994 Honda Accords.

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2 years ago

Awesome, awesome, awesome. I can relate to all the things, ALL the things! Changing in cars, bad nutrition, “the baby” (Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha ha) – oh man, we love to drop those babies before a race, all is right with the world then, the all weather training. You are doing great, I am pulling for you big time, it will be Epic. I would add one more thing to your repertoire of training nouns . . . Iron Widow, or in your case the “Grindstone Widow”. When the miles ramp up, your wife and family are the ones… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Mason

Glad you liked it! It’ll get better as I release more. My wife is the best at forcing me to take rest days! I think with out her I would run myself into the ground.

Do you think you can hit the gym upper body focused when you are tapering? I think that would be a good distraction to not go out and run as much.

2 years ago
Reply to  TheFreq

Yeah, that sounds good, and it will keep you active during taper. Shouldn’t hurt to keep the body moving, engage your core and upper body during taper. You just don’t want to tap into those glycogen stores with fast twitch stuff for your legs as you get closer. You are building a good base. The base will get you through it.

2 years ago

You crazy man! Seriously, good on you and all the best. God bless your wife for keeping you safe and well! And you have the cutest baby!

2 years ago
Reply to  susanh

Thanks Susanh! She got her moms looks and my night farts lol.

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