It’s all slow-motion
As I jump through the window.
As I flee “the shit”
And plummet to the unknown.
Falling with the shards and rain,
I manage the drop.
And once on the street below
The black night is mine.

21 comments on “lumbulë

  1. Hopefully there will be a collection of the poetry on the Freq available soon. I keep saying the same comment . I love this one , action poetry a new genre !

  2. TO-Working at night in a shadow lifestyle has its advantages when one needs an escape. As for me I preferred working in the dark and matching wits and skill with the potential runner. Way more fun than hunting some defenseless deer or pheasant in the daylight. Those hunts were long ago but very memorable.

    • LPD – speaking of people who should be writing down their stories to share with people lacking depth in the civics and civility side of education……….

      • Thanks Miche. Someday I’ll share a few classics. The funny ones are fun. There are some horror stories as well. I might put together a vignette of short ones.

    • Theo Dyssean

      Oh yeah, man. I love a challenge…

  3. rynobucket

    57577575 nice.

    • Go check out the pattern for Skyfall…. (I had help with that one.) Genius!! 🙂

  4. TO, I don’t think this is ever going to get old. I hope you have an endless supply of words at your disposal, because it’s fun looking forward to whatever you come up with next.

    • PS – Tolkien…. <3

    • Theo Dyssean

      I try to only use words I know. Otherwise, I risk looking lexiphanic…

      • You strike me as a risk-taking kind of guy….. I have a tough time seeing you quail at the judicious application of ostentatiously arcane words. 😉

  5. Sir…it’s stellar! Looking forward to more!

  6. An Ody action figure needed. Love it.

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