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Jesse Gould (75th Ranger Regiment) – Heroic Hearts Project – Ayahuasca’s Effect on Veteran Mental Health

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jesse Gould to talk more about the Heroic Hearts Project (HHP). HHP is connecting military veterans that are struggling with mental health/trauma with Ayahuasca therapy retreats.

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Baba Tim
2 years ago

This is one of the most positive developments I have seen regarding mental health for veterans. I do not have any experience with Ayahuasca but after hearing an interview of author Michael Pollen on the Joe Rogan podcast I got his book How To Change Your Mind and was stunned at how effective ethongens were at treating addictions, depression, end of life acceptance (in the terminally ill) and a host of other problems. I don’t know that they work for PTSD but do know pills, alcohol, and therapist sessions don’t. The Rangers are leading the way on this one and… Read more »

Susan B
2 years ago

This sounds really interesting. I’d like to learn more about it. I will try to get a copy of the book that Tim referenced in his comment. Depression runs in my husband’s side of the family as well as a few other mental issues that aren’t being treated as well as they could with the current options available. I’d love to see more studies done on this. It took a long time for marijuana to be acknowledged by the mainstream medical community. Perhaps the value of these plant substances will also find their way into the doctor’s bag of options.… Read more »

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