From ‘Ranger Wife’ to ‘Task Force Ranger’ — Quality apparel for quality Rangers and their loved ones

I don’t strut around town, a walking advertisement for my own military service, but I do enjoy the occasional shirt remembering the fallen, something that makes me laugh, or something that speaks to the history of the military in which I served. Moreso, I enjoy the subtle art with a unit crest or similar design that reminds me of the things I’m proud of without sacrificing the professionalism that defines my former unit.

Military apparel companies have been popping up around the U.S. for the last few years, many of which tend to gear themselves toward specific units. If you were a member of MARSOC, you might not be restricted to buying a USMC shirt – there are several MARSOC-specific shirts out there if you’re so inclined, and they range from the brazen and proud to the subtle and professional.

The same goes for the Ranger community. However, Tiffany Jones, the wife of Army Ranger David Jones (1/75), noticed a significant lack of clothing or apparel for the wives and other female affiliates of Rangers. That’s when they started Ranger Wife, a company initially geared toward providing clothing that held merit in the Ranger community. It also excels quality-wise as an apparel company, military-oriented or not. I spoke with David, and he said that, “Tiffany wanted to start the site for women, girlfriends, and mothers of Rangers.”

These products are made with love and care from the actual couples’ house: “We have our own t-shirt press and embroidery machine as well as all the support equipment required. We do all of our own design and printing for the site.” Not only are these products made in America, but they’re made in the literal home of those who have served and sacrificed for many years.

I have the blue version of this shirt, and I absolutely love it.

Since then, Ranger Wife has grown into Task Force Ranger Apparel, a full-blown military apparel company that has seen significant growth and success. While they still provide top of the line Ranger apparel and accessories for women, they’ve since expanded to men’s clothing as well. Personally, I bought a memorial shirt honoring the military working dogs lost in combat, one of which has great personal significance to me. I can speak not only to the shirt’s tasteful (and honoring) design, but to how it’s lasted me throughout trips all over the country and world, retaining its quality and comfort.

Like Craig Bohlman of Savage Tactical, David is still active duty Army. “Now as I grow near my 20 years of service mark, I am going to start doing shirts and apparel full time.” Expansion is the natural next step when you’re putting out quality like Task Force Ranger; though Tiffany is diving into law school and working another full time job (they seem to be the epitome of a hard-working American family), they both continue to work on Task Force Ranger together, building it daily.

The strength is often in the subtleties.

They have also partnered with The Darby Project, a well-respected charity geared toward helping Rangers transition out of the military (among a host of other good things), and when I spoke to him, David expressed his enjoyment in working with charities like them. Bryce Mahoney, director of The Darby Project, told me that, “[Task Force Ranger/Ranger Wife] has been a great company to work with, their efforts have played a huge role in us continuing to change lives in the Ranger community.”

The future seems bright for Task Force Ranger, and while military apparel companies aren’t so hard to find, you might be hard pressed to find one that puts this amount of love, dedication, and undeniable quality into their work.

Check out their website here.

The faces of Task Force Ranger Apparel/Ranger Wife
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2 years ago

Thank you Luke. I love love the Remember our Fallen, Military Working Dogs. Their merchandise is done well. I wish them good luck. If it is open to civilians, (those shirts that would be appropriate) I would certainly order.

2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Ryan

Here’s a funny one Luke. I bought a shirt from a SEAL charity site. It had a Trident on it. I had it on for a workout at a hotel and I got in the elevator with an older couple to go back to my room. She said “I’ve never met a real Navy SEAL”. I said “ Ma’am you still haven’t, I’m just a guy with a T-shirt”. As I left the elevator she turned to her husband and said “ They can’t talk about it” as the door closed. I was probably 55 at the time. The oldest,… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  LPD256

That’s a great story LPD. I think you did fine to honor the real SEALS by admitting you weren’t one.

Imas C
Imas C
2 years ago

I just bought the mandala tank you pictured in the article. As you mentioned, there is strength in the subtleties. The DUI in the design is so subtle that when I showed it to my ranger husband, even he didn’t notice it at first. Thanks for sharing their website, lots of great stuff on there!

2 years ago

I want one of these shirts. I was a dog handler as an MP at Bragg. Then went into Rangers, but they didn’t have k9s during my tours in 1/75 and 3/75.
Thanks for representing both so tastefully. ALSO THANKS FOR BEING A RANGER FAMILY!
Ron Durham

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