USMC Sergeant Riley and the Crimson Embrace, continued…

You picked: Shoot the man in the face.

In a fit of rage, you open fire right into the man’s face. His brain matter, skull, and other bits are now plastered on the side of the road.

The van is long gone now, and your bike isn’t starting. Amelia is gone, and you never see her again. You are left with the silence of the California wilderness and a dead man in the street.

You spend the rest of your days wondering what happened to her, that brief light you had in the darkness. But the world swallowed her right up, just like everything else in your life that you ever loved…


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About Luke Ryan

Luke Ryan is an author on the Freq who lives in upstate New York. He is a former Team Leader from 3rd Ranger Battalion, having served four deployments to Afghanistan. He grew up overseas, the son of foreign aid workers, and lived in Pakistan for nine years and Thailand for five. He has a degree in English Literature and loves to write on his own, having published a book and short story.

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