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“Save your f***ing money” — Advice from Combat Flip Flops’ Matthew Griffin

Matthew Griffin gives us some no bullshit, actionable advice here. I know I would have benefited greatly if I had a little better money management when I got out of the military.


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Wayne Capacillo is a video producer who served with 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, as a Fire Team Leader with 4 combat deployments. He achieved a Masters of Science in Marketing, Bachelors of Arts in Business Management, and a top score on the local pub’s Galaga machine. Growing up in Montana he has formed a deep passion for the outdoors, flannel, and rusty 1994 Honda Accords.

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2 years ago

Haha…good advice. I suck at the touchy feely stuff anyway, so THIS I can do. Not that it doesn’t take effort. It’s just…..the kind of effort that brings tangible results. (The touchy feely stuff you never know if you’re E-VER going to be done.) I was talking with my trainer a couple of months ago—and we usually talk more about weird stuff like proprioception and balance and keeping my shoulders back—but somehow we veered off into finances, and suddenly he said, “I just got my first comma.” I was cracking up at the way he chose to say it, but… Read more »

2 years ago

Another thing. Credit cards for emergency only! I learned that the hard way when I was younger.

2 years ago

I deal with people and their money every day in my job. Number one reason they can’t retire is too much debt and too little savings. It shocking actually how many people don’t have a plan and live paycheck to paycheck.

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