Creative Military

Combat is simple

A bullet is fired
And the world goes away
The world of text shimmering on a screen
The word of horns lights and digits and brights—
All snapped away, when the primer is struck.

There you are, with dirt in your nails and sweat on your brow.
There you are, a rifle in your hand and a helmet on your head.
There you are
A friend at your side and an enemy at your front.

Your purpose is clear:
Get around that corner.
Climb over that wall.
Fire through that window.

To a single goal, you offer it all up:
Your spirit, just to crest a single corner.
Your limbs, just to breech a single wall.
Your life, so the man to your side may not have to give his.

Your attention is not split
Between the numbers and the letters and the tiny hollow words.
It is not split
Between the cars and the money and the people in herds.

The words here are precious,
Necessary to act.
The actions here are precious,
Necessary to live.

It’s a terrible business, fire and brimstone.
But it is simple
And that is something.

About Luke Ryan

Luke Ryan is an author on the Freq who lives in upstate New York. He is a former Team Leader from 3rd Ranger Battalion, having served four deployments to Afghanistan. He grew up overseas, the son of foreign aid workers, and lived in Pakistan for nine years and Thailand for five. He has a degree in English Literature and loves to write on his own, having published a book and short story.

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Your words paint a clear vision of a brave warrior skilled, and caring about the brothers more than self. ❤️


“The words here are precious,
Necessary to act.
The actions here are precious,
Necessary to live.”



Susan B

When you are in a life or death situation, it definitely centers your mind and makes everything else irrelevant, doesn’t it? Enjoyed the imagery, Luke.


Thank you, Luke.


“Nothing in life is quite so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.” –Sir Winston Churchill


That is impressive. I had no idea… geo

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