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Combat Flip Flops’ Matthew Griffin: Flip flops that send little girls to school

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Combat Flip Flops’ Matthew Griffin at the Gallant Few VetXpo in Dallas, TX. Matthew Griffin was an officer in 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment and also served with the 5-20 Infantry. Combat Flip Flops is trying to affect Afghanistan in a unique way by bringing jobs to the Afghan market and sending little girls to school. We have much more content with Matt, so keep an eye out for more interviews in the near future!

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2 years ago

…Sometimes the simplest things can aid a population where billions of dollars might be swallowed up in bureaucracy and corruption.

…Dozen years back study showed that if you gave $100. to a poor Moslem head of family (poor but not starving)… good chance that he would spend the money to purchase maybe TV to watch soccer (if TV broadcasts in his area.)

…If money given to wife (assuming that she was allowed to make spending choice) often likely to do something like buy a sewing machine and help bring additional income into the family.

-Yankee Papa-

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