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Hall of Fame CSM (R) Mike Hall on How Society’s View of Veterans

The Freq had the pleasure to interview CSM(R.) Mike Hall at the Gallant Few Vetxpo. We got into the weeds about many topics ranging from the transition out of the military to changing perceptions within the military. In this snippet, CSM(R) Mike Hall goes in-depth about how society views veterans and how we, as a community, can affect that view.

Retired Command Sergeant Major Mike Hall is the former Senior Enlisted Leader of the U.S. and International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan, the United States Army Special Operations Command, the Joint Special Operations Command, and the 75th Ranger Regiment. He is the only soldier to hold all four of those positions, with over 20 years of service with the Rangers. CSM Hall retired from the Army with 34 years of service, and is currently an independent consultant. CSM Hall resides in Columbia, Tennessee, with his wife of 36 years, Brenda.

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