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VetXpo 2018 — After Action Review

VetXpo 2018 is officially a wrap! We at The Freq were lucky to attend. We had a wonderful time, met new friends, and got some great content from some truly inspiring people. Keep a lookout for interviews with veterans impacted by the incredible work of GallantFew and its partner organizations and inspiring veterans such as Matt Griffin, CEO of Combat Flip Flops, and the great CSM Mike Hall, who needs no introduction to fellow Batt Boys.
Most importantly, we were all deeply impacted by the gathering’s message and camaraderie. We at The Freq are all veterans. We have all transitioned out of environment that largely forged the people we are today, through pain, joy, and fellowship. Every one of us has struggled, and every one of us know brothers or sisters who, tragically, could not adjust. This is something we share with all who have worn the uniform, and eventually put it away.
Every one of the speakers – Vince Vargas, Leo Jenkins, Matt Griffin, and others – have been at rock bottom, and have fought their way back to health, happiness and success. Whether addicted to drugs, the mission they once had, or broke and at the end of their rope, every one of them was able to find their way. None of them did it alone. Neither can we. Neither can you. Soon, you’ll find videos of their talks on the VetXpo website; I hope you’ll watch and truly listen. If you’re struggling, you can move past it — transition to the next stage. You aren’t alone.
Their messages were simple. Be honest and present with the ones you love. Wake up every day, work your body, and keep working toward your goals. Cultivate empathy. Open your mind to the civilians around you, instead of isolating and limiting yourself to veteran company. Seek community and live for others. Simple, difficult, but possible.
Anyway, stay tuned for some great content. If you want to help out GallantFew and VetXpo, visit their website to donate or find volunteer opportunities. You can also sign up for Run Ranger Run, a 28-day physical event and fundraising opportunity where you and a team run, swim, bike, handstand walk, whatever — 565 miles while raising money to support VetXpo (that’s 2 miles per day for a team of 10). Get your squad, coworkers, family, or random group of people on the bus together, and get moving!

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