Scarless skin is soft.
It waits, so pure and perfect,
To soon feel those claws,
To feel those flesh-hungry teeth.
Time will harden that fresh skin.
Claws will chip, shatter,
Along with the biting teeth.
Broken by stone skin.


Featured image courtesy of Adobe Stock

“Theo Dyssean” is an internationally unknown expert in asking questions, finding answers, not getting caught, and not getting killed [and/or eaten by bears]. He enjoys moonlit runs down dark alleyways, and romantic evenings working through an interpreter who speaks less of the target language than he does. His hobbies include being in the wrong place at the wrong time, knowing where the exits are, being the fastest runner in the room, borrowing bikes, and sleeping in HVAC ducts. His religious and political views tend to orbit dominantly around Bobby Finstock’s Three Rules.

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Are you going to publish these in a collection ?


Most rocks only develop that level of strength under inescapable pressures and correlative high temperatures for VERY long periods of time. (But THAT won’t fit into a single syllable…) (Still with those 5s & 7s, <3.) I like the idea that something so soft and vulnerable goes beyond resilience to fighting back. Even passively.

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