Happy 243rd Birthday to the Navy (Water Force)

Day 42 of 60(+), 0500: Head slightly spinning with blurry eyes, I hear the ever prevalent humming noise and creaks I’ve grown accustomed to. The snoring of the sailor above my bunk snorts to a stop and two sailors across from our bunks remain silent in the dark room. As I’m getting dressed in the cramped “room”, no larger than 3 people long and 1.5 people wide, I slam my elbow on the bunks, rails, and cabinets. After a meeting with a special bottle, I slump my way through the cramped “hallways” to my duty station. Green screens and ever changing numbers/data gleam brightly to show the steady focus of other sailors, diligent and somehow also automaton-like. Sitting in this cramped “command center”, a couple hundred feet underwater, I start my 12-hour shift aboard one of the few still active submarines in the Navy. ~Composite Sailor

Hearing countless stories like this gives me an immense appreciation for anyone who has served aboard a ship and, by extension, the entire Navy. Much of service is not what they highlight in the news or movies; it’s slow, diligent, and daily work that goes unnoticed. There are thousands of jobs in the military that all play a small role in our overall military defense. The Navy serves a vital role in our military with more “firepower” than any other branch. So if you are a Sailor, SEAL, Submariner, Pilot, or any other service member in the Navy, we raise our glasses to you and cheers: Happy Birthday!

October 13th, 1775, the continental congress established the first naval force to defend against and attack British commerce ships. Throughout the centuries, the Navy has continued to grow its power in the sea, air, and land. America’s naval force truly sets us apart from other modern militaries.

Key points in the Navy’s history:

  • 12 Oct 1900: USS Holland VI launched as the first commissioned submarine of the United States
  • 3 Mar 1915: Navy Reserve is created
  • 23 Oct 1944 – 26 Oct 1944: Battle of Leyte Gulf
  • January 1962: John F. Kennedy officially established SEAL Teams ONE and TWO
  • 30 Sep 1954: USS Nautilus is commissioned as the first nuclear-powered submarine


Pictures courtesy of DOD.

Featured image: The guided missile destroyer USS Dewey, left, receives fuel from the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson during a replenishment at sea in the Pacific Ocean, Oct. 11, 2018.

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