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VetXpo 2018

The Freq is excited to announce that we will be attending VetXpo 2018 in Dallas/Fort Worth, October 26th-28th! What is the VetXpo? We’re glad you asked!

VetXpo is two days of discovery, networking, and personal growth aimed at arming the transitioning veteran with the skills needed to adapt and overcome successfully in the civilian world. Their guiding principle “is a means for establishing personally relevant foundational beliefs and courses of action that maintain critical balance.” The VetXpo team is dedicated to bringing together the potential that civilian life offers, the expectations of those who have worn the uniform, and how a purpose-driven civilian life can be lived. Check out their video promo here.

Excited yet? We are! VetXpo is put on by GallantFew, an organization that fosters veteran networking, provides training and guidance to transitioning veterans (at all stages), and links veterans with mentors who can help ‘azimuth-check’ the veteran as they begin to fit into life as a civilian. GallantFew serves veterans from all branches and eras, and features specific programs for certain communities:

As part of accomplishing their mission, GallantFew has lined up an all-star cast of veteran influencers and wellness gurus, including:

GallantFew’s programs are designed to target all aspects of veteran fitness — spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and professional. We are very excited to attend VetXpo, and help bring our audience coverage of the events, thoughts from keynote speakers, and feedback from attendees. If you are a veteran, the relative of a veteran, or a member of a veteran’s support network, please join us and GallantFew at VetXpo!

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