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Spotlight: Veteran Candidates — Introduction

Leading into the 2018 midterm elections, America’s political climate feels more contentious and divisive than it has in decades. With the future of trade policy, national security, healthcare, and other key issues at stake, the results of the coming election could do much to guide the future of our country. In particular, the race for the House of Representatives could easily go either left or right, with 40 toss-up districts at play in the midterms.

The stakes are particularly high for veteran candidates. At 18.8%, veteran representation in Congress has been declining since the wave of World War Two veterans entering office. Despite dozens of veteran candidates running this year, this proportion stands to decline further as veterans of the Korean and Vietnam Wars retire.

We at The Freq Media have made it our mission to elevate veteran thinking and leadership in American culture. We feel that the modern American veteran community can offer a unique point of view and unifying spirit to the country at this critical juncture, if so motivated. Given this standpoint, we want to highlight a set of veteran candidates running for the House in the 2018 midterm elections, from both major parties, that represent or seek to represent districts identified as toss-ups, and therefore could be crucial to deciding the future of the country.

The Freq Media does not endorse any political candidate or political party. The articles in this series do not represent the views of The Freq Media as an organization. The articles will primarily focus on the military experience of the candidates, and seek to objectively represent the candidates’ stated views on critical issues.

The candidates:

Many candidates on the list above are supported by With Honor, a nonpartisan PAC supporting veteran candidates, that requires their candidates to meet with, and co-sponsor legislation with, members of the opposing party each year. We hope that the profiles will highlight fellow veterans continuing to dedicate themselves to their country, and motivate our readers to vote and engage civilly, regardless of political views.

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Luke Ryan
2 years ago

Awesome. I’m looking forward to political articles that keep the drama out of it — I want to know who has served and where they stand, I can do the deciding for myself!
This series is going to be legit

2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Ryan

No kidding! Most of the things on candidates is emotional PR and mudslinging. The MSM isn’t helping because they’re playing games too. The IL Governor is up for election and according to the major news outlets (who also hold and televise the 2 Main Debates) and the League if Women Voters, there are only 2 candidates. In reality there are four, one is a Navy Veteran running on the Libertarian ticket. It’s like they want the uninformed and lazy to keep voting for the same candidates no matter how poor their performance

Susan B
Susan B
2 years ago

Looking forward to this.

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