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As the hammer falls,
And it so frequently does,
I shed these bright sparks.
Like red-orange and angry steel.
One day I’ll be cold and sharp;
One day I will shine.
So come now, O Great Hammer,
I await your touch.

“Theo Dyssean” is an internationally unknown expert in asking questions, finding answers, not getting caught, and not getting killed. He enjoys moonlit runs down dark alleyways, and romantic evenings working through an interpreter who speaks less of the target language than he does. His hobbies include being in the wrong place at the wrong time, knowing where the exits are, being the fastest runner in the room, and knowing how to play the locals at their own game. His religious and political views tend to orbit dominantly around Bobby Finstock’s Three Rules.

4 comments on “Hammerfall

  1. Carol Lynne Luelo

    I love the poetry, very meaningful

  2. There’s something deeply satisfying about re-framing painful experiences outside one’s control and harnessing them into service to forge one’s character into something stronger and more resilient. ❤️

    Also, I’m digging the 2-syllable “red-orange” to fit the fives and sevens pattern. Clever.

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