Curtis in the World: Aid work in Serbia

Serbia is a beautiful country with a rich history and vibrant culture. So when I finally landed after an easy two hour flight, I was pretty anxious to finally taste the food, meet the people, and experience the beautiful scenery.

But before I could enjoy some of my vacation, I wanted to help out my two amazingly selfless and passionate friends — Andjelka and Aleksandra deliver aid to the people who were suffering from poverty, disease, starvation and anyone else who simply needed help throughout the former Yugoslavia. Here are two strong and passionate women, giving so much of their time, energy, and effort to a charity organization named “28jun.” They work tirelessly all over the world in humanitarian, social, and philanthropic endeavors to assist and empower underprivileged communities.


So we set out on our mission, crisscrossing the beautiful Serbian countryside, delivering aid while enjoying the occasional Serbian delicacy, Rakia — a strong and very popular alcoholic drink. While driving through the mountainous valleys and lush green gorges, we would occasionally stop to drink out of the sporadic fresh water springs. I constantly caught myself absorbing the incredible surroundings.

The Serbian people opened their homes to me and embraced me as if I were long lost family. Honestly, I have never felt so welcomed and so absolutely loved in my entire life, compared to when I visited Serbia. It was warm and sunny, even though it rained for the first two days, and my spirits and excitement for exploration in this part of the world never diminished.

Serbia was an adventure filled with so many wonderful experiences that it is impossible to pack them into a few words on a screen. Never before have I experienced a people so passionate about their history, culture, and family. There were times where I could just cry at how loving, open, and friendly Serbians are; it was absolutely one of the best experiences I have ever had traveling and will definitely visit again.

Curtis Albers is a former Army Ranger who currently lives in Germany with his wife and daughter.

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2 years ago


I just hope to God that the various “tribes” can settle down and live in peace. For 45 years after WWII Tito (whatever his sins might have been), kept the peace. But the old men kept preaching that the day would come (as indeed it did) when Tito would die… and then not only would the grievances of 1943 be avenged… but of 1343 as well. Naturally, the innocent provided the most victims.

-Yankee Papa-

curtis Albers
2 years ago

I hope that the “tribes” can eventually settle in peace. I absolutely loved Serbia and the history. Honestly, sometimes I could not keep up with everything that happened to the people. I honestly tried to remember as much I could. A significant number of people all over the world know very little about that region, which is an absolute shame because it is incredibly rich in culture and history.

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