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Chill as we wander, We know we are far from lost.

Though we may wander,
We are never ever lost.
As we pay this price,
We will never count its cost.
Walking these long roads,
Singing songs long forgotten.
Sowing seeds anew,
While casting out the rotten.

“Theo Dyssean” is an internationally unknown expert in asking questions, finding answers, not getting caught, and not getting killed. He enjoys moonlit runs down dark alleyways, and romantic evenings working through an interpreter who speaks less of the target language than he does. His hobbies include being in the wrong place at the wrong time, knowing where the exits are, being the fastest runner in the room, and knowing how to play the locals at their own game. His religious and political views tend to orbit dominantly around Bobby Finstock’s Three Rules.

6 comments on “Gwanwyn

  1. Huh, my life really . I have so far travelled to some wonderful places . Been to great postings and am looking forward to more roads . I will never feel a moment of regret . I am excited about my new plans coming up.

  2. Spring! Yay for pursuing worthwhile things in new directions. ❤️

    Write on, Warrior Poet, write on.

  3. toriloliver

    A good description of life.

  4. Beautiful!

  5. You inspire the soul Luke.

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