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Memorials: Discover, reflect, and never forget

Slightly lost and slightly drunk, I walked down a dark street with a Ranger buddy looking for a mysterious pizza place that, 2 years later, we still have not found. Losing hope, we came across the only light place in the area. It wasn’t until we were under the street lights that we realized we were face-to-face with a beautiful 9/11 memorial. I stood back to silently absorb the thing — a steel beam recovered from the World Trade Center, statues of rescue workers helping a civilian, and the flag fluttering in the night air. Looking over to my buddy, I noticed he was doing the same thing and a wave of calmness had swept over both of us.

This unexpected moment made me find a new appreciation for memorials and parks that I have retained to this day. Memorials really are hidden gems in cities all across cities in the United States. No matter what you get out of these memorials, it’s worth the effort to find which ones are in your area. For me, finding things like the 9/11 memorial in Ybor City, Florida, allows me to Discover, Reflect and Never Forget.


  • The different areas of your city or cities you are visiting
  • The city or town’s culture and history
  • Events and people who are significant to the city


  • On those who have served before us, our own service, and those who will serve in the future
  • On the actions of those in the past
  • On the beauty of a piece of art

Never Forget:

  • Those we have lost
  • Significant events and individuals that have changed the course of history
  • The price we pay to achieve our goal (as a nation and as individuals)

Memorials won’t mean the same thing to everyone who visits them, but we all can “get” something out of them. Even if it just means you get out of your house and see something new, it may be worth it. Memorials and monuments can take you to stunning parks, culturally diverse communities, and/or historical parts of cities where one can simply relax.

Get out there and allow yourself to discover what your city has to offer.

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2 years ago

Memorials are one of my favorite things to catch whenever I travel some place new. (Probably because it gives me a quiet taste of the history of a place without having to talk to a lot of people, haha.) That video element is a cool addition to the article.

Wayne Capacillo
2 years ago
Reply to  Miche

100% Miche! Memorials can really tell the story, culture and morals of the city you are in. Glad you liked the video, we are pushing to add more video content.

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